My "Completely Different" Page

This section of my site is dedicated to a few things that really aren't related to Celtic music, but I thought I'd share them anyway. So, here it goes...

"Twenty Questions"
This page offers you a chance to learn just a bit more about me. Read it at your own risk!

Technical Stuff
This page will give you some info on software that's helped me maintain this site, and software that's been useful to me for other reasons. Also, this page contains some techincal information related to this site.

Among other things, I've been very interested in maps (go figure!) for quite a while. This map is one I drew by hand, and it shows most of the roads in Isle of Wight County. The blue "X" on the right side of the map (near Benn's Church) shows where I used to live, and the brown "X" on the left side (sort of near the bottom) shows where I now live. Just to give you some points of reference, the blue X is about 80 miles southeast of Richmond, Virginia, and the brown X is about 45 miles southeast of Petersburg, Virginia. The roads that are highlighted in yellow are all roads I've ridden my bike on - this map is what I used when I was still doing a lot of riding. In fact, you can easily see where I folded the map!

Team picture (youth football)
For four years, I volunteered as an assistant coach for a local youth football association. This picture is of the team I coached in my third season. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be in the picture, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

By the way, some of the content that was here (mainly the photos and the Hurricane Isabel page) is now located at my new site, "Tony's Scribblings and Such."