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Welcome to my Welsh music page!This page contains information about Welsh music - types of tunes, unique instruments, notable musicians and groups, and more.

General Information

I have to admit that I don't have much detailed information on Welsh music. I've had a hard time finding much info, so there's not much I can say here. Probably the most well-known fact about Welsh music is that there is a very strong vocal tradition in Wales. The playing of the triple harp (see the "Unique Instruments" section for more) is also a unique part of the Welsh musical tradition.

Musicians & Groups

4 yn y Bar
This group, whose name translates to "Four in the Bar" (referring to a musical "bar"), has been together for quite some time and has enjoyed a good amount of success. They specialize in contemporary arrangements of traditional tunes.
  • Group members:
  • Tudur Huws Jones - vocals, bouzouki, banjo, bodhrán, whistle
  • Huw Roberts - fiddle, accordion
  • Tudur Morgan - vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion
  • Iwan Roberts - mandolin, mandola
Carreg Lafar
I've only heard a little bit of their music so far, but between that and the reviews I've read, I feel like they deserve to be included here. They've been together since 1993 and they play mainly traditional tunes along with a few of their own traditional - style compositions. (By the way, Carreg Lafar is Welsh for "Echo Stone.")
  • Group members:
  • Linda Owen Jones - vocals
  • Rhian Evan Jones - fiddle
  • Antwn Owen Hicks - vocals, Welsh bagpipes, percussion
  • James Rourke - flute, whistle
  • Dylan Davies - vocals, guitar
Robin Huw Bowen
Anyone who wants to be at least vaguely familiar with the Welsh triple harp should know his name. He is a very talented player of this very unique instrument. Unfortunately, I don't really know much about him except for the fact that he's a talented musician.
This is a Welsh vocal group which I've heard a few songs from, but I know practically nothing about them except the names of the group members.
  • Group members:
  • Linda Healy
  • Roy Gittins
  • John Gittins

Unique Instruments

Triple harp
The triple harp is a very unique instrument. As its name implies, it is a type of harp. The triple harp has three rows of strings, which are arranged in such a way that it is possible to create an "echoing" effect by playing a particular note on one string, then playing the same note on another string a fraction of a second or so later. It's really a quite interesting effect which I very much enjoy listening to.
YouTube link - "The Rising Lark," played by Robin Ward
I just recently discovered some info on this instrument, which may or may not be a type of Welsh bagpipe. The information I've found isn't really clear - one source says it is, and another says it's something quite different. If I ever find out for sure what it really is, I'll update this page.