My Celtic MIDI Sets, Page 6 (Sets 126-150)

Set #126
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The 74th Highlanders' Quickstepdouble jig
Rambling in Circlesdouble jigTony Upton
Dowd's Favoritedouble jig
Mason's Aprondouble jig
Mason's Apronreel
I've been spending a little time lately rearranging some marches and reels and turning them into jigs, and the results are evident in this set. I don't know why I decided to do it, and I don't know why I picked the tunes I picked, but when inspiration strikes, you don't waste time asking why!! "Rambling in Circles" is a tune I wrote a while back - the title describes the way I tend to think and talk at times.
Set #127
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Untitledhanter dro
Untitledhanter dro
Ekostezan Henbonthanter dro
This is a set of Breton hanter dros, which are dance tunes in 3/4 that come from the Vannetais region along Brittany's southern coast. I don't have any information on the first tune, but I am familiar with the other two. The middle tune was used as the tune for a song sung by a group I heard once on "Thistle and Shamrock" - unfortunately, I don't know the name of the group. The final tune is part of a nice set played by Battlefield Band - the set starts out with a Galician tune (which I think is a muiniera, a dance tune in 6/8) and is followed by a Welsh tune, and finally ends with the same tune that ends this set. I found the title for that tune on their website.
Set #128
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Blackwater HornpipehornpipeTony Upton
Niven's Scots MeasureScotch measure
Lady Susan GordonreelWilliam Marshall
This is a somewhat fast-moving set of tunes which starts off with a hornpipe (named after a nearby river) I recently composed. The hornpipe that follows it is a great tune in B flat which comes from the playing of Richard Wood (and others, I'm sure). "Niven's Scots Measure" is a tune I really don't know anything about, and the reel that closes out the set was composed by William Marshall and can be found in the Athole Collection.
Set #129
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Kesh Jigdouble jig
Rakes of Kildaredouble jig
Colerainedouble jig
Buttermilk Marydouble jig
This set is pretty straightforward...four jigs which (I think) are all fairly well known.
Set #130
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The Balkan Hills4/4 march
Lay Dee at Deereel
A Yowe Cam Ta Wir Door Yarminreel
Jack Broke Da Prison Doorreel
Aandowin At Da Bowereel
Here's a set that was a bit overdue, in my opinion - a set of Shetland tunes. The first one is a wonderful march which was played by the late Willie Hunter on his last album, "Leaving Lerwick Harbour." He put in a great deal of time and effort in the final weeks of his life in order to complete the album before he died, and in doing so he left one final gift with all who enjoy and appreciate the great music of the Shetland Isles. The four reels that follow are all fairly common tunes in the Shetland music tradition, and you'll probably notice quite a bit of double-stopping in them as you listen to them.
Set #131
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Barney Brallaganslip jig
Michael Gorman'sslip jig
Na Ceannabhain Bhanaslip jig
Give Us a Drink of Waterslip jig
This is a set I've been planning for a while, but just couldn't seem to get together until recently. Nothing really fancy or unusual here - it's just a set of Irish slip jigs played on fiddle, flute, and piano.
Set #132
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Eliz Iza
Gwerz Maro Pontkallec
Bal Plin
Breton tuneTony Upton
Kost ar c'hoat Leskoed
Yet another set of Breton tunes! This one starts off with a slow air in 6/8 and then moves on to a somewhat faster tune in 6/8. The bal plin that follows is basically just like a normal dañs plin, only there's a slower part at the beginning of the tune called a balade. The fourth tune in the set is one I wrote myself. It originally started out as an extra part to go with the tune that precedes it, but it ended up evolving into a totally separate tune. The final tune is one of the many tunes appearing in Tonioù Breizh-Izel, a large collection of Breton tunes compiled by Polig Monjarret.
Set #133
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Auld Lang Syne (the original tune)
Auld Lang Syne (the more common version)
This "set" is just in time for the new year. After singing "Auld Lang Syne" at an office Christmas party recently, I decided to try to put the two versions of the tune together. The first version is basically the original tune the song was set to (and is the one I prefer, honestly), and the second version is the more popular and well-known version that's known the world over.
Set #134
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The Old Dutch Churnslip jig
The Old Dutch Churndouble jig
Miss Sophia Campbelldouble jigRobert Mackintosh
Crabs in the Skilletdouble jig
This set of G minor jigs starts off with two different versions of "The Old Dutch Churn." I found the second one (which comes from the playing of Buddy MacMaster and Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald) first, and then I discovered the first version (which is in 9/8) later on. The third (or is it the second??) tune in the set was composed by Robert Mackintosh and comes from the Glen Collection. The final tune is a traditional Irish jig.
Set #135
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Mr. Englefields New Hornpipehornpipe
A Basilisamuiniera
The Irregular MarchmarchTony Upton
Planxty WilkinsonTurlough O'Carolan
The Marchioness of Huntly's Favorite Jigdouble jigWilliam Marshall
This has to be one of the most diverse sets I've put together so far. It starts off with a hornipipe in 3/2 from England, and is followed by a tune in 6/8 from Asturias, which borders Galicia in northwestern Spain. The third tune, which jumps back and forth between 6/8 and 9/8, is a tune I composed. The fourth tune was written by Turlough O'Carolan. The final tune is a Scottish jig that was composed by William Marshall - it appears in his 1822 collection.
Set #136
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Johnny Cope4/4 march
Princess BeatricehornpipeW.B. Laybourn
Loch OrdiereelJames MacIntosh
Pigeon on the Gatereel
The Old Reelreel
You know, for a while I was doing quite a few Scottish sets and I was only occasionally throwing in some other types of tunes. Lately, it's been the other way around. All of these tunes are in G minor, which has become one of my favorite keys. The first tune comes from the playing of Natalie MacMaster. The tune that follows it is a hornpipe composed by W.B. Laybourn. After that, there's a tune that was composed by James MacIntosh, and a G minor variation of "Pigeon on the Gate," which I think may actually be an Irish tune. The set finishes with a tune that comes from the playing of The Old Blind Dogs.
Set #137
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Untitledan dro
Untitledrond de Loudeac
Untitledrond de Loudeac
Untitledrond de Loudeac
Untitledrond de Loudeac
Here we go again with another Breton set...I just seem to keep cranking these out! This one actually starts with a tune I composed, and then flows right into four lively Rondes de Loudeac - all of which come from the playing of Christian Lemaitre as part of the Celtic Fiddle Festival. The first one is one I transcribed by ear from the second track on the first Celtic Fiddle Festival CD, and the two tunes that follow come from track 8 on that same CD. The final tune comes from the second CD, "Encore," and is also one I transcribed by ear.
Set #138
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Cock of the Northdouble jig
Yellow Hammer Jigdouble jigTony Upton
The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanketdouble jig
Seamus Connolly'sdouble jig
And now for a break from the Breton tunes...!! The first tune in this set is a fairly well-known Scottish tune. The second one is one I composed, and is named for a road near where I live. The tune that follows appears on "The Driven Bow" by Alasdair Fraser and Jody Stecher, and comes from "O'Neill's Music of Ireland." I honestly don't know anything about the final tune in the set, unfortunately.
Set #139
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Son ar Chistrsong
Ton simple plindañs plin
Ton double plindañs plin
Ton double fiseldañs fisel
Ton double
OK, now back to the Breton tunes. Why these Breton sets seem so easy for me to produce these days is beyond me, but as long as everyone enjoys them and nobody gets hurt, then there's no harm done, right? Anyway, this set starts off with a song in 3/4 which can be heard on "Celtic Wedding" by the Chieftains. I don't really know anything about the next three tunes that follow it, but the last tune comes from the playing of Alan Stivell.
Set #140
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Hills of Lorneslow air
The Skye Gatheringstrathspey
Miss Drummond of PerthstrathspeyNiel Gow
Muillean Dubhreel
Lochan a'ChaitreelJames Stewart Robertson
Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatiereel
Miss Wedderburnreel
Finally, another Scottish set! It starts off with a slow air which is played somewhat faster on the second time through in this arrangement. The tune that follows is one I unfortunately seem to have no information on. Niel Gow wrote the strathspey that follows, and the first reel in the set (also known by its English title, "The Black Mill") is a popular tune in Cape Breton. The reel that follows was composed by James Stewart Robertson and appears in The Athole Collection, as does the tune that follows it. The final tune is one I've used elsewhere before, but I just couldn't resist putting it here for some reason.
Set #141
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The Humours of Castle Comerdouble jig
Fisherman's Jigdouble jig
Cooley's Jigdouble jig
The Wandering Minstreldouble jig
Here's a set of jigs - I seem to be doing more and more sets with jigs lately. The first and last tunes in the set are just good Irish jigs. The two in the middle were more products of my deranged imagination - "Fisherman's Jig" is actually a jig version of "Fisherman's Lilt" (which also has another name which I can't remember at the moment), and "Cooley's Jig" is a jig version of "Cooley's Reel."
Set #142
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Doon da Roothspinning song
Weindia Littlereel
Da Fashion o da Delting Lassesreel
Donald Bluereel
Tame Her When da Snaw Comesreel
This is a set of great Shetland tunes which starts off with a rather unusual one from the playing of Aly Bain. It's unusual because of the rhythm and because it alternates between 12/8 and 9/8. The two reels that follow are also familiar to me from Aly Bain's playing. The last tune in the set is one I heard played by both Aly Bain and Catriona MacDonald.
Set #143
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The Short Grassdouble jig
The Eavesdropperdouble jig
The Tenpenny Bitdouble jig
Buttermilk Marydouble jig
Here's another good, solid set of jigs. I was inspired to put the first jig in a set after hearing Wendy MacIsaac play it. The second tune comes from the playing of Natalie MacMaster. The tune that follows is here just because I thought it fit, and even though I've already used the final tune elsewhere, I couldn't find a better way to end the set so I just had to put it in here.
Set #144
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Happy to Meet and Sorry to Partdouble jig
Have a Drink With Medouble jig
Haste to the Weddingdouble jig
Yes, I know...I've been doing lots of jigs recently. I hope you don't mind too much!! These three jigs are pretty standard Irish fare. By the way, this set is something of a milestone for me and for this site, since it is the first one I've made since switching over to Linux. (If you're really interested, you can find out more about that elsewhere on this site...try the "Something Completely Different" section.)
Set #145
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar4/4 march
Balmoral Strathspeystrathspey
Maggie Cameronstrathspey
Yetts of Muckartreel
Bonnie Anniereel
St. Kilda Weddingreel
Well, as you can see, I finally managed to do something other than jigs for a change. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway, this is a pretty straightforward "march, strathspey, reel" set of Scottish tunes, and that's pretty much it.
Set #146
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Pastwn Mawrdouble jig
Evans' Jigdouble jig
Eisteddfod Caerfyrddindouble jig
OK, so I'm back to jigs again. At least this time I did something a little different! These are 3 Welsh tunes which I've put together, and to make things a little more interesting I've put two fiddles in this arrangement. I got that idea from listening to some Welsh fiddle music on "Thistle and Shamrock" some time ago - one particular show featured Welsh music, and the second half of the show that week featured Welsh fiddle music. There were some really good fiddle duets during that part of the show, which inspired my arrangement of this set.
Set #147
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
The Bonnie Lass of HeadlakeairGordon McQuarrie
The Duke of Fife's Welcome to DeesidemarchJ. Scott Skinner
Newfield CottagestrathspeyWilliam Marshall
Marnoch'sstrathspeyWilliam Marshall
Miss Smyth of Methvenreel
Lochiel's Rantreel
The Canongate Twitchreel
This set was born when Gladys from Gladys' Celtic Corner e-mailed me a suggestion for a tune to put on this site. That tune was "The Bonnie Lass of Headlake," which was composed by Gordon McQuarrie and is one of many great tunes played by Natalie and Buddy MacMaster. It's followed by a well-known march composed by James Scott Skinner and two strathspeys that were composed by William Marshall. The first reel comes from the playing of Buddy MacMaster, and the second reel is a pretty well-known tune. The final tune comes from the playing of The Tannahill Weavers.
Set #148
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Pet of the Pipersdouble jig
The Little Pickledouble jig
The Rosewood Jigdouble jig
The Road to Skyedouble jig
This is a great set of jigs that come from the playing of Natalie and Buddy MacMaster. Not much to say about this set besides that...just listen and enjoy!!
Set #149
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Gusty's Frolicsslip jig
Gift of the Fairiesslip jig
Tiny the Trooperslip jig
James Byrne'sslip jig
Here's something I haven't done in a while...a set of slip jigs. The first tune can be found on Altan's CD "Another Sky." I don't have any information on the other tunes in this set right now, but if I find out anything I'll be sure to add it here.
Set #150
Tune nameTypeComposer (if known)
Hillside Echoesmarching air
The BankshornpipeParazotti
Miss Malcolm's HornpipehornpipeWilliam Marshall
This set was inspired by "The Dances Down Home," an album by Joe Cormier that was originally released in 1976. Rounder Records re-released it in 2001 and added several tracks that either came from other albums of his, or were previously unreleased. Track #10, which contains the first two tunes in this set, was recorded in 1996. For this set, I decided to leave out the usual piano or guitar accompaniment that's present in the majority of the other sets here, mainly because I haven't done that lately.