My MIDI Tunes Page

Welcome to my MIDI Tunes page! This is a page where I'll be posting a variety of MIDIs I've sequenced. I decided I wanted to share these MIDIs with all of you out there, so I've created this page to do just that. I hope you enjoy them! If you have any suggestions for tunes you'd like to see here, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

The Ash Grove
This is one of my favorite tunes. It's a traditional Welsh tune which I have arranged here for harp. (I know I have more info on this tune somewhere...when I find it, I'll put it here.)

Breton tune
I really don't know a lot about this tune, except for the fact that it's from Brittany. I first heard it played by a group called Gan Ainm, whose music used to be found at I've since heard it on "Epona," a CD from the Tannahill Weavers. Hearing it again inspired me to try to transcribe it to ABC notation by ear, and now you can hear the result! I've also posted the sheet music for anyone who might be interested in it.

Bog an Lochain
This is a wonderful strathspey which came to me from the playing of Ashley MacIsaac. This particular arrangement is played on the pipes and was originally used as set #17 in my MIDI sets. I decided to change that "set" around a bit, but I wanted to preserve the original here it is!

This is a tune that will probably be familiar to a lot of you. It's really a classical piece, not a Celtic tune, but I'll share it here anyway. This is my own arrangement of the tune - I haven't changed the notes at all, but I've tried to change the volume in different places to make it sound more expressive.

Carolan's Draught
This is one of Turlough O'Carolan's many great compositions. I've arranged it here as a harp duet, with the timing of one of the harps altered just a little bit to make it sound like it probably would if it was being played by actual musicians.

Carolan's Receipt
This tune is another one composed by Turlough O'Carolan. This particular file used to be the background music for the "home" page of this site.

Fingal's Cave
This strathspey (not to be confused with the march by the same name) is one of my favorites. It was composed by John Gow, a Scottish composer who lived from 1764 to 1826. "Fingal's Cave" is a cave on one of the many islands off the west coast of Scotland.

Gaelic Air
I don't know the name of this tune, but I do know that Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis played it on "The Road North" (where it is listed as "Traditional Gaelic Melody"). In this arrangement, there's a key change about halfway through.

Give Me Your Hand
This is a wonderful air apparently composed by Rory Dall, a 17th century Scottish harper, although I have also seen it attributed it to an 16th century Irish harper by the same name. The particular version I based this arrangement on attributes it to the Scottish Rory Dall and not the Irish one. Anyway, I took the basic melody and added a harmony line to it. If you're interested, you can also get sheet music for my arrangement.

Golden Eagle
This is a great hornpipe which I really don't know the origins of at the moment. The arrangement I've used here starts out in G, then changes to A.

Hector the Hero
This beautiful slow air is one of James Scott Skinner's wonderful compositions. This is just a simple piano arrangement of the tune.

John Ryan's Polka
This is a great piano arrangement of a lively Irish polka (which I unfortunately have no information about!).

Little John's Home
This is a great strathspey which was composed by Little Jack MacDonald. It made its way to Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald, who passed it on to Stanton Taylor at the Boston Highland Games in 1958. Since then, this wonderful tune has made its way to FIDDLER, which led to me putting it on this page. In case you're interested, you can also get sheet music for this tune.

Miss Drummond of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure
One of many great tunes composed by Niel Gow, this tune was once the background music for one of the pages on this site. Since this tune is one of my many favorites, I decided to go ahead and give it a new home here.

Miss Wharton Duff
This hornpipe was composed by William Marshall, who also composed quite a few great reels and strathspeys. There's nothing fancy about this's just a fiddle solo.

Mor a' Cheannaich
This is a strathspey which is the melody for a piece of Gaelic puirt a beul (mouth music) which is believed to have come from the Isle of Lewis. Besides the name I've provided for the tune (which translates to "Morag, Daugher of the Merchant"), it's also known as 'S Ioma Rud a Dhith Orm ("I Need Many Things") and Domhnaill Dubh an Domhnaillaich ("Black Haired Donald MacDonald"). You can find this tune on "Crosswinds," a CD by the Scottish group Capercaillie.

Moran's Return
This is a beautiful Irish air which is arranged here for the harp. It's another tune that was once used as background music on this site.

O'Connor's Polka
I could use the same notes here that I used for "John Ryan's Polka." It's Irish, I've arranged it for piano, and I know nothing else about it.

Riding on a Load of Hay
The story for this one is the same as the other two polkas on this page.

Road to the Isles
This is a Scottish tune which was one of the original background tunes on my site. This arrangement is different from the original one I used, though. It has a key change in the middle (I seem to be fond of those key changes) and it uses the same accompaniment style that most of my latest MIDI sets now use (I seem to be fond of that too).

Ross' Reel #4
This is another very lively tune. According to the liner notes of "Return to Kintail," a CD by Alasdair Fraser and Tony MacManus, this tune comes from the New England fiddle tradition. This arrangement is different from the one featured on the CD - that version played the two turns in reverse order from the way I've arranged them here. I've also taken the first turn (which was the second on the CD) and played it an extra time at the end just for fun.

The Rowan Tree
This is a Scottish air that is one of my favorite tunes. It happens to be one of the few tunes I actually know how to play on my tin whistles. The version I've posted here is arranged for bagpipes.

Space Available
This is a wonderful march composed by Cape Breton fiddler Marcel Doucet while he was on tour in Austria. Seeing the words "Space Available" stamped on an airline ticket apparently gave him an idea for a tune (or at least for the title). I created this MIDI using sheet music scanned from a book called "The Fiddlers of Prince Edward Island." (My thanks to Gladys for posting the sheet music to FIDDLER, which is where I got it from.)

Strayaway Child
I really don't know where this MIDI came from. It's been on my hard drive forever, and I don't even know if I originally created it. In any case, I've gradually modified the file and turned it into what I've posted here. This arrangement is a fiddle duet with piano accompaniment.

Strayaway Child ("New Age" arrangement)
Just for fun, I took the traditional arrangement of "Strayaway Child" and modified the tempo and the instruments to give it a completely different sound. I also changed the ending to make it flow smoothly back into the beginning.

Teetotaler's Reel
I don't know anything about this tune, so I'll just let you listen to it and enjoy it.